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Our Vision

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Our Vision

    Vision and Mission of the College and the Perspective Plan :

    In reality, since its inception, Berhampore Girls’ College, one of the premier colleges of Rural Bengal has a relentless spirit for carrying out the mission of these great visionaries who exercised profound influence on the college. The objective of the college is to disseminate the message of higher education in the region of underprivileged people.  The college with its disciplined environment and robust academic tradition and cultural values has been serving the need of the society by inculcating the motto of this institute: “SA VIDYA YA BIMUKTAYE”. In course of the development of the society, the institute has assimilated the modern value of education and made a bridge between the past and present so that the learners may grapple with the global challenges of the rapidly changing society.  Hence, the institute has a philanthropic vision and a pragmatic mission to be fulfilled. The Perspective Plan of the college is an outcome of these visions and missions which are as follows:


    The Vision:

    * To carry forward the ethical values of the old cultural traditions of the institute.

    * To ensure the holistic development of the young girls and to inculcate the value of    education so that the learners can face the challenging future successfully.

    * To evolve the institute as a centre of academic excellence to educate women for their emancipation.

    * To build up a platform for the exploration of the potentialities of the learners to help them to be confident and competent enough for the fruitful future.

    * To inspire the students to discover their own potentialities to be acquainted with the global knowledge society.

    * To boost up the students to be target-oriented and future-oriented.

    * To encourage the learners to create an outlook of democratic-liberal attitude which is best suited to the Indian plural society.

Mission & Goals

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Mission & Goals

    The Missions:

    * To empower and emancipate the girls through education by nourishing the motto of the    institute: “that which gives freedom is true education”.

    * To motivate the students to involve themselves in the day-to-day academic and cultural activities of the institute.

    * To inculcate noble spirit of discipline, dedications and determination and to make them human resource for national development.

    * To provide higher education and to inspire the learners to be extremely ambitious for higher studies.

    * To disseminate the knowledge of social responsibility and to sensitize the towards social concerns.

    * To sensitize the girls about environmental issues, gender issues, Human Rights, feeling of oneness in Indian society and to boost them for the development of leadership quality for building a healthy future society.

    * To emphasize on the upgradation  of the campus facilities with the availability of modern equipments and ICT enabled facilities.

    * To encourage the faculty members to be more research-oriented and to upgrade themselves through Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses.

    * To promote the challenge for maintaining good academic ambience and to carry forward the golden tradition of the institute.


Prizes & Scholarships

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Prizes & Scholarships

    To reward excellence and promote healthy academic competition, various prizes and medals are awarded to students. It is a mark of the status the college enjoys within the traditional cultural life of Berhampore, that many of these prizes are gifted by our former Principal Smt. Amiya Rao, our ex-colleagues and educationists of the city on January 24th for both academic and extracurricular activities.
    Students topping their respective departments in the three years BA/BSc Honours Undergraduate Examination in the year are awarded with the following memorial prizes. Prizes are given to the toppers in the annual examinations of the first year students. Prizes are given to the students on the basis of their performance in the annual competitions of extracurricular activities.

Accrediation & Affiliation

  • Kalyani University - Accrediation & Affiliation

    Affiliate to the Kalyani University since 1999, it is a grant-in-aid government funded institute. It offers Honours and General courses in science and humanities with a total number of fourteen departments (seven in Arts faculty, seven in Science). The college also offers several support services, such as a central library, several seminar (departmental) libraries, a computer center, a health center, sports facilities, common-room, canteen, hostels, housing for the staff, a grievance redress cell and an NSS unit.