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Our Vision

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Our Vision

    Vision is a process for achieving agreement on the kind of future that an organization needs to create for itself–and a shared commitment to creating that future. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle acknowledged that “the soul never thinks without a picture”.The vision of Berhampore girls college is an excellent betterment of its future. We are eager to visualize the position and standard of our institution to an elegant edge of success. We would like to see far through the horizon up the summit. We would like to direct and motivate our students, members and faculties to such an edge through a furnished and determined path. 
    Our vision process is powered by the motivations as : 
    1. Help both students and members of our college to internalize a new understanding of the challenges and opportunities they face as well as formulate an appropriate "road map" to reach where we need to. 
    2. Lead our college to a level of standard that would set a benchmark for other institutions in and around the state.

Mission & Goals

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Mission & Goals

    It is the mission of Berhampore Girls' college to help in the process of the development of a complete woman. The realisation is laid on the historical and cultural ancestry of India, maintaining such values that can inculcate a sense of patriotism among the students and raise them up as conscious and self-reliant citizens of this great country. Opportunities are given to the students so that they can identify and build their distinctive qualities which will help them to flourish as a complete human beings and acknowledge the role and responsibilities of a sensitive global citizens. 
    Our goals are - 
    1. To provide best education to women which will aware them the power of freedom and help them participate in the socio- economic transformation of the nation.
    2. To develop responsible human beings who can have a important role to play in overall social development.

Prizes & Scholarships

  • Berhampore Girls' College - Prizes & Scholarships

    To reward excellence and promote healthy academic competition, various prizes and medals are awarded to students. It is a mark of the status the college enjoys within the traditional cultural life of Berhampore, that many of these prizes are gifted by our former Principal Smt. Amiya Rao, our ex-colleagues and educationists of the city on January 24th for both academic and extracurricular activities.
    Students topping their respective departments in the three years BA/BSc Honours Undergraduate Examination in the year are awarded with the following memorial prizes. Prizes are given to the toppers in the annual examinations of the first year students. Prizes are given to the students on the basis of their performance in the annual competitions of extracurricular activities.

Accrediation & Affiliation

  • Kalyani University - Accrediation & Affiliation

    Affiliate to the Kalyani University since 1999, it is a grant-in-aid government funded institute. It offers Honours and General courses in science and humanities with a total number of fourteen departments (seven in Arts faculty, seven in Science). The college also offers several support services, such as a central library, several seminar (departmental) libraries, a computer center, a health center, sports facilities, common-room, canteen, hostels, housing for the staff, a grievance redress cell and an NSS unit.