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  • Vision and Mission of the College and the Perspective Plan :

    In reality, since its inception, Berhampore Girls’ College, one of the premier colleges of Rural Bengal has a relentless spirit for carrying out the mission of these great visionaries who exercised profound influence on the college. The objective of the college is to disseminate the message of higher education in the region of underprivileged people.  The college with its disciplined environment and robust academic tradition and cultural values has been serving the need of the society by inculcating the motto of this institute: “SA VIDYA YA BIMUKTAYE”. In course of the development of the society, the institute has assimilated the modern value of education and made a bridge between the past and present so that the learners may grapple with the global challenges of the rapidly changing society.  Hence, the institute has a philanthropic vision and a pragmatic mission to be fulfilled. The Perspective Plan of the college is an outcome of these visions and missions which are as follows:


    The Vision:

    * To carry forward the ethical values of the old cultural traditions of the institute.

    * To ensure the holistic development of the young girls and to inculcate the value of    education so that the learners can face the challenging future successfully.

    * To evolve the institute as a centre of academic excellence to educate women for their emancipation.

    * To build up a platform for the exploration of the potentialities of the learners to help them to be confident and competent enough for the fruitful future.

    * To inspire the students to discover their own potentialities to be acquainted with the global knowledge society.

    * To boost up the students to be target-oriented and future-oriented.

    * To encourage the learners to create an outlook of democratic-liberal attitude which is best suited to the Indian plural society.

    Tender Notice
    Date :23rd Jan, 2017
    Inviting Quotations for Virtual Classroom
    Detailed proposals (including specifications) are invited from bonafide customers/ suppliers for setting up of a Virtual Classroom in Berhampore Girls’ College. Project cost should not exceed Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupees Three Lakhs only). Last date of submission of the proposal: 28-01- 2017 (12 noon). Selected customers may be called for demonstration.
    Date of Demonstration: 30-01- 2017(12 noon).