Harischandra Yojana Form 2023 (odia) Apply Online

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The state government of Orissa launched Harishchander Yojan over Kovid 19. Now the government has made Harishchander Yojan’s application form 2023 online for particularly poor and middle class families to help. All countries face many problems with coronavirus. And now the fourth wave is coming again.

Harischandra Yojana Form 2023

Many people have already died because of Corona. Many of these people were from the poorer class, who could not even raise money for the funeral. As a result, the government of Orissa launched Odisha Harishchandra Yojan in 2022. Now the government provides financial assistance for the last rituals of close poor citizens. To this end, they will be offered financial assistance through the Prime Minister’s Assistance Fund.

And if an unpredictable death occurs, her cremation will also be carried out under this scheme. The second wave of Covid 19 across the country was fatal. Many people died from it. Despite great security, the government cannot control the disease. And even after a situation like locking, things get out of hand. As a result, the government provides financial assistance to the poor and needy for the closing ceremony with the families.

Odisha Harischandra Scheme online

All citizens of the state can benefit from Odisha Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana 2022 by registering for the program. To this end, the government has provided an online PDF format, which can be used to easily download Odisha Harishchandra Yojana 2022. Because not everyone is online.

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In all districts of the state of Orissa, the government, which is very beneficial to the grieving family, benefits Harishchander Yojan. The government has taken a similar initiative in Mahaprayan. The purpose of these regulations is to provide assistance to people in a weak part of the state. Many people have also donated this program to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF) portal.

Apply Odishu Harishchandra Sahayata Yojana online

The Mahaprayan program is also a good initiative of the state government. As you know, no cars were used during COVID 19. So people find it very difficult to bury or bury a corpse. Because of this disruption, the government of Orissa made cars available from various district hospitals, private hospitals, and everywhere. Bring the dead bodies to the right place to perform the closing ceremonies.


  • Harishchandra Yojana Plan 2022
  • Launched by Odisha CM Mr. Naveen Patnaik
  • Employment under the government of the state of Orissa
  • Year 2021-2022
  • financial aid Rural area -2000 Rs
  • Urban Areas – 3000 Rs
  • List of beneficial citizens in Orissa
  • Yojana is a state government
  • Official portal Click here
  • Harishchandra Yojana form Oriya


Features Harishchandra Yojana Odisha 2023:


  • With this arrangement of lending to the poor, whatever caste or religion, they will not think of the last rites of a deceased member of their family.
  • In these bad times, the government provided financial assistance from the Prime Minister’s Aid Fund.
  • With this plan, they also have cars available to transport the corpse. Give Rs 2000 financial aid to the people of the village for the final rituals.
  • The government will provide the city’s inhabitants with 3,000 rupees.
  • People from the poor class have great relief thanks to this arrangement, it gives them the advantage of comfort without difficulty. Because the government understands this problem and situation.
  • In the event of a financial crisis, nationals can also apply for the regime online. The government has adopted measures for both online and offline applications.
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The government of Orissa has set aside a fund of about 15 million rupees to help the people. Under Harishchander Yojna in 2022, the Chief Minister’s Aid Fund provided various assistance to the people of Sehri and rural areas. 2000 rupees were given to the rural population and 3000 rupees to the inhabitants of the cities

Odisha Harishchandra Online application

Harishchandra Yojana 2023 Qualification criteria:


  • Only one permanent residence in the state of Orissa can apply for this scheme. People from other countries who live here are not eligible for this program.
  • Only economically poor people can benefit from this regime. It has nothing to do with caste or religion.
  • Family income must be in accordance with government regulations. This arrangement is for the deceased family only.


Financial assistance to this program will not be provided in cash. The amount of assistance will be provided to the deceased’s family by direct bank transfer (DBT). To help them at the time of their mourning and to carry out the work of cremation. This government effort will help, and this government movement has helped the people a lot.

Harishchandra Registration Form 2023


  • When completing the Harishchandra application form for 2023, please follow these steps carefully:
  • First, the applicant must visit the official portal of the department.
  • As soon as the main page of the website opens, the Odisha Harishchander Yojan form option will appear here. There you will see the option to log in online, after clicking a new page will open.
  • Now you have to enter all the required information in the Odisha Harishchandra Yojana form.
  • It is necessary to carefully fill in the application for registration on the website. To avoid filling in incorrect data.
  • Entering incorrect information will result in the application being rejected. Upload all documents online now. And check all the information provided in the application.
  • Then click submit to get the applicant a financial credit after the registration process.
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Upon request, the relevant department and its officials will verify all documents and then transfer the amount to the government family.

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