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Population growth is a big problem for the country of India, but that does not mean that it is not meeting the needs of our people. In the future, insufficient resources will mean that many people will lack everything they need at the basic level.

The increase in unemployment is due to population growth. One of the biggest risks of unemployment is that if they cannot find a job, people working in the job search industry in the country will start doing the wrong thing by lusting for money.

Or start to lose track. A federal government, or a federal state, temporarily continues to develop work plans for its citizens. Some strategies work, but they don’t.

In this context, we will speak today about the offices that the government of Haryana makes available to its occupants.

In today’s article, you will learn what Hrex is, why the Haryana government created this website, and what benefits the Hrex website provides to Haryana employees.

How can I use it and how can I register? Today we will answer all your questions on this subject. So let’s start-

What is Hrex? ·


  • Friends Hrex is a vision created by the Haryana State Government to provide employment opportunities for young people in the State.
  • · On the Hrex website you will find many plans like Saksham, family 1 job and in this case you also have the option to change jobs for another.
  • · You can also get benefits if you need them.
  • · Today’s article provides information on all of these. Friends, according to the 2011 census, the population of Haryana is estimated at 2.5 million. As a result, there are over 10 billion young people out there, and when a country uses its young people, it always succeeds.


With that in mind, the Haryana government created a website called Hrex to provide jobs for unemployed youth.


  • · If you want to understand Hrex, understand that it is a website like a volunteer. However, the only difference is that you cannot take your work online.
  • · You can get jobs online from this. You have to go to a special place and do it. But you get a sit-at-home job.
  • · If possible, you might need an interview. To do this, you can use the Hrex website to get the job done according to the vision of the Haryana government.
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Hrex Portal:

What are the benefits of the Hrex Portal? · Friends, the Hrex website is a website designed by the government of Haryana to free young people from unemployment.

As such, steps are being taken to provide employment-related services to youth or individuals in the state of Haryana.


  • · Have a variety of worktops.
  • · The employment plan allows everyone in Haryana to do what they love. And with it, you can take care of your family. · In the Saksham Islands, using the Hrex website, anyone in the state of Haryana can find the job they want on this site by accessing their skills in their profile.
  • · On the Hrex website, unemployed people can apply for benefits from the Haryana government. To do this, he must complete and submit an application, after which he begins to receive benefits.


Unemployment registration is possible on the H-Rex site, and people who are looking for an employee to do their job, for example employers, can register on the site. Then he can hire people with whom he has a business relationship. These are just a few of the benefits the Hrex website provides to the people of Haryana under the current Haryana government.

How do I register on the Hrex site?

Friends, there are two ways to register the Hrex website –

1. Be an employee

2. According to the employer

First, we’ll show you how to register as a job seeker on the H-Rex website. · Before registering on the portal, you must first go to the official Hrex website.

· After visiting the official website, you will see the option “Account” in the menu.

· You must click on Account Options.

· Click on Account Options and two options will appear.

· The first is connection, the second is recording. · You must click to register.

· After registration, you have two options to register as a job seeker and employer.

So if you are looking for a job, register as a job seeker first. That is, sign up.

· You will then be informed of your mobile phone number. Your cell phone number can be useful for identification. · When selecting a profile for the position, you will be contacted by phone.

· You must provide your current mobile phone number on this site.

· Then you need to enter the captcha.

· Then you need to click on Send OTP.

· Click Send OTP to receive OTP on your mobile phone number. · You should check the form on the web page.

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· After verification, you must submit all application forms through this website.

· This information must be submitted in the online form. That is, you have to write

· After completing the online form, you need to click on Save and Next button. After clicking on save and add button, you will be asked to access the full file on 5 similar web pages. · This information will create your profile.

· Jobs are provided as is.

· To do this, you can register on the Hrex site. And you can register as an employee.

How to register as an employer?

· To register on the Hrex website, you need to follow a few simple steps.


  • · To register as an employer on the Haryana Employment Exchange website, you must first visit the official Haryana Employment Exchange website.
  • · After visiting the official website, you need to click on the Account button in the menu bar.
  • · When you click the Account button, two options are displayed. · You must be logged in.
  • Registration is done in two steps.
  • · You must click to register.
  • · Go to another page after saving.
  • · If you have to choose whether you are an employer or a beneficiary, you must choose whether you are an employer or an employer. · You must be registered as an employer.
  • · For registration, you must provide all the information relating to your business.
  • · This form should be submitted in the future.
  • · You will then receive an OTP from your mobile phone number, and you will need to send an OTP on the web page to complete the registration.
  • · You have therefore registered as an employer. · You can then assign a job by selecting a person related to your job from any unemployed person on the site.


What is Saksham Yojana?

Friends, Saksham Yojana is such an idea from the Government of Haryana, the Hrex website that new job seekers can earn money by investing in their capital, then, the website activity notice has started to arrive at Sikar.

Employers will choose who will do their job. Income by providing employment for everyone at Saksham Yojana. This allows you to go through your daily life. Young graduates of the Saksham regime can apply for this benefit.

To apply, you can get information about the Saksham Islands on the Hrex website, under the Citizen Charter option, in the first link, the first option.

From there it is possible to use the Saksham Islands by completing an online application.

Saksham Yojana was established in 2018 by the government of Haryana. The main objective is for the government of Haryana to be able to control the growing unemployment rate.

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According to Saksham Yojana, the government of Haryana provides jobs for young people in the state. The bank transfers 9000 rupees for 100 hours of work.

How can I get unemployment benefits?

Friends, you can apply online to claim benefits through the Hrex website. You must be eligible for this benefit.


  • 1. You must be between 21 and 35 years old.
  • 2. You must come from a poor family. This means that your annual income should be less than 300,000 rupees.
  • 3. The benefit of these plans is for the beneficiary for the first three years only.
  • 4. To apply for benefits online, you must visit the official Hrex website (
  • 5. After that, he must click on the link titled Citizen’s Charter.
  • 6. Then Fear 11 links to which plan information page is available in the options when calling, scrolling and clicking the benefits link below?
  • 7. There you can complete an application and apply for benefits.


Hrex Login:

How do I login to the Hrex website?

Follow the steps below to access the Hrex website.


  • · You must register on the Hrex website to access the website.
  • · After registering as a member, you must log in with your username and password.
  • · After logging in, you will be taken to this website’s dashboard, where you can control your profile.
  • to finish-


So, friends, in today’s article we learned how to find a job on the Hrex website.

We have provided all of your information about the Hrex website, the benefits of the Hrex website, and how to access and register on and about the website. If you like the information we have provided, please share that information as much as possible. Thank you.

Q.1 Is the Hrex website only for residents of Haryana?

Anne. Yes, the Hrex website is for residents of Haryana. It is for people who live in Haryana but are unemployed and looking for work. This is a small initiative by the Haryana State government to support these people.

Q. How does the website work?

Anne. The functionality of the Hrex website is nothing new. The Hrex website works like employees and employers in one place. Employers look for employees when they need a job to complete. And when employees want a job, they look for a job. In a way, it acts like an online presence.

Q. What are the Saksham Islands?

Anne. As part of the Saksham Initiative, the Haryana government is working to provide employment opportunities for unemployed youth in Haryana through the Hrex website. And for this he worked 100 hours and gave them 9000 rupees.

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