JKPaySys 2023 (Salary Slip, Bill Generation, e-Challan, CPISId)

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JKPaySys – In the precarious region of Jammu and Kashmir, there have been times when cell phones were weak. However, as land use planning gradually improved, digitization encountered many problems. The government of Jammu and Kashmir has notably taken a break from using JKPaySys for J&K government employees.

It is a point of contact where you can easily manage all financial transactions such as salaries and bonuses. Employees also have access to a clear picture of what they are getting with benefits and variety of options.

JKPaySys – Overview

JKPaySys is also called PayManager operated by Jammu & Kashmir. The portal is a convenient platform for DDOs to prepare the necessary remittances for salary and supply expenses for their employees. Each bank can easily review the payments they need to make and continue as needed.

The portal also allows employees to access the portal using their username and password to view the payment terms they receive. You can check the details of the service received and the amount of payroll deduction. In addition to this, there are many options you can access such as changing your bank account or other activities if needed.

Login JKPaySys 2023

The JKPaySys login is intended for multiple users for various functions in the government of Jammu and Kashmir. Here are some users.

  • Payment and payment (DDO)
  • To manage
  • The workers work for the governments of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Financial and financial management

Users can access the portal and access various functions and features of the portal. Here are the simple steps you can follow to access the portal.

  • Step 1- The first step in the process is to visit the official portal by clicking on the link www.jkpaysys.gov.in.
  • Step – 2 – If a pop-up appears on your screen while accessing this portal, you should continue to enable it.
  • Step – 3 – On the login page, you will be asked for a username and password.
  • Step – 4 – Next, place the captcha code under the password field.
  • Step 5 – Finally, click on the login option in the portal.

If you forgot your password, here are the steps to reset your password.

  • Step – 1- Click on Forgot Password option which can be seen on the login page.
  • Step – 2 – When the following page appears, provide your username and email address.
  • Step – 3 – Now enter the captcha and it will appear and click on send OTP option.
  • Step 4 – If you have trouble seeing the captcha, you can click the reset button at the end to get the new captcha number.
  • Step – 5 – You will receive OTP for the mobile number and you need to assign it to the OTP site.
  •  Step – 6 – Now click on Submit option and verify your email to reset your password.
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JKPaySys Salary Slip

Jammu and Kashmir government employees can login to the portal and view invoices to see the details. To do this, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Visit JKPaySys official portal (http://jkpaysys.gov.in).
  • Step 2 – Now you need to find and click on Payment Slip option on the right side of the homepage.
  • Step – 3 – A new page with blank paper will appear on the screen.
  • Step 4 – Here you need to provide your employee code and name first.
  • Step 5 – Now select the year and month from the calendar to get the payout for that month.
  • Step – 6 – Enter the verification code displayed on the screen.
  • Step – 7 – Finally, click on Submit option.

After clicking on the send option and providing the correct information, a payment slip will appear on the screen. Be sure to provide the same name you provided in each rental instance.

How to do e-Challan with PAO?

Follow these steps to grow e-Challan from DTP to GPF/SLI/NPS.

  • Step – 1 – Visit the site.
  • Step 2 – On the login page, you need to enter your PAO number and password to access it.
  • Step – 3 – Enter the captcha that appears and click Save under Options.
  • Step – 4 – On the next page, click on General Challan option from the drop-down menu under Actions.
  • Step 5 – On the next page, you will need to select Chalan mode again.
  • – Step 6 – A table will appear in which you must select the operator who will create the Chalan.
  • Step – 7 – A pop-up window will appear where you need to click OK.
  • STEP – 8 – Now click Process Please go back to the previous page where you need to select the option to verify/pass the PBR.
  • Step 9 – Now you need to click on the OK option which appears below the table.
  • Step – 10 – You will also have to click on the approved option which will appear in a pop-up window on your screen.
  • STEP – 11 – You now have the option to send a receipt or cancel the payment you wish by clicking and selecting from the table. Step 12 – On the last page, first click on Reports and select the Challa Reports option from the drop-down menu.
  • Step – 13 – Now select the Draft/Final option and click on Invoice Number.
  • Step – 14 – Finally, click on Create Ads option.

Invoice Bill generation process

You can use JKPaySys invoicing process to create multiple payment options. There are approximately 19 different invoices you can create through this process. The main names on these 19 invoices are Invoices, Fees, Annuities, Reimbursement, Vacation Pay, Overtime, and DA. balance etc.

Here are the steps you can follow to begin the process:

  • Step 1 – Click on the link http://jkpaysys.gov.in to access the official portal of JKPaySys.
  • Step – 2 – Use your username and password in the login form.
  • Step – 3 – Provide the captcha code.
  • Step – 4 – Click Enter to enter the Billing Process Portal.
  • Step 5 – Here on the dashboard you will see the app options which you want to click.
  • Step 6 – In this option you will get all your invoices you need, click on the invoice you want to create.
  • Step – 7 – Follow the steps for each mandate to create a mandate.
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When creating invoices for an entire department or group, you can do it all together. However, when creating an employee’s credentials, it is important to first select the correct CPIS ID from the employee information.

How To Unlock User Maker?

If the user is locked out, there are simple steps to enable it to work with multiple tasks. To activate the client, follow these steps:

  • STEP – 1 – Visit JKPaySys portal homepage.
  • Step 2 – Here you will get access to the portal as a Checker.
  • Step 3 – After logging in, you will see the main menu option.
  • Step 4- Here you have to select Create Login Unlock option.
  • Step – 5 – Now click on the Unlock Maker option and soon you will see an account success notification on your screen.
  • Step 6 – Once the lock is complete, you can exit the scanner.

Writers can easily access the portal using real credentials.

PaySys DDO/PAO Login Application Form

You have two options to choose who you want to connect with at PaySys, depending on your goals. The first is to request a PaySys application via PAO. Here is the PaySys & CPIS user application. However, follow these steps to receive your application. The second is to request access to the PaySys application via the DDO. It’s really to create a DDO connection in PaySys.

  • Step 1 – Visit JKPaySys official portal.
  • Step 2 – On the right side of the homepage, you will see two PaySys login options.
  • Step 3 – Click on what you want. The second option is to get a PaySys & CPIS user login application.
  • Step 4 – The app will open in a new browser.

You will need to download, complete and submit this application to the Office of Management for further processing.

How is CPISID tested?

If J&K government employees do not know their Cpisid, it is very easy to find them through the legitimate JKPaySys website. Here are the steps you can follow to determine your CPISID.

  • Step – 1 – First, login to JKPaySys portal.
  • Step 2 – There is an option to know your Cpisid, finally you have to click in the notifications section in the sidebar on the right side of the homepage.
  • Step 3 – When the new page opens, you must first select your date of birth from the calendar.
  • Step 4 – Now you need to provide your PAN number and your GPF or NPS number.
  • Step – 5 – Next you need to enter the captcha code shown on the screen.
  • Step – 6 – Finally, click on the Options option to show Cpisid.

When providing details such as your date of birth, you must include the date you provided in the other file.

JKPaySys Helpline

Although the procedures and procedures for using the various features and functionalities of JKPaySys are very simple, it is also easy to contact the police in case of any problem at any time. All you need to do is make sure that the service center is available Monday to Saturday and 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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If you have any questions or problems, such as logging in or otherwise, you can call our helpline directly on 0191 – 2520582, 0191 – 2571800 or 0190 – 2571900.

You can also email with the content to support-jkpaysys@jk.gov.in email address.

JKPaySys Mobile Application

Now, with the advent of smartphones, it has become a fact that most people prefer working online on their smartphones rather than computers. You can still open websites and portals in your smartphone browser, but everything is better and easier when you can use the app.

Following the recent portal update, JKPaySys is now also available in the mobile application. Users who are not comfortable accessing the portal at all times on their computer or even the browser of the smartphone can now download this application from their smartphone to access content and services now anytime, anywhere .

Users can search for the PaySys Mobile app or the mobile app under the name Mera Vetan on their Android or Apple device the same way they search for other apps. If you cannot find the app through your app store search device, you can directly download the app from the official portal. Follow these steps to download the app to your phone.

  • Step – 1 – Open the portal in your smartphone browser.
  • Step 2 – You can see the PaySys (Mera Vetan) mobile app download option in the Connect section of the homepage.
  • Step 3 – Clicking this link will open a new page in a new browser.
  • Step 4 – On this new page, you will see the download option which you need to click.
  • Step 5 – Download and install the app on your smartphone.

After installing the app on your smartphone, you can use it the same way you use the portal on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions – JKPaySys

Q1. How to make financial adjustments in JKPaySys?

Answer: You must select a Master option to use the optional inspector for the DDO connection. Here you can adjust various options like finance etc.

Q2. How do I delete two employee entries?

Answer: At the symbol level for DDO access, one of the user points will be marked as inactive in the options owner.

Q3. What should I do if my employee information is not available when writing my GPF invoice?

Answer: During the DDO login process, once again give an option to delete worker data and check again.

Q4. How to create a group?

A: If you are logged in with the DDO Marker level, you can easily create a group by selecting the Master Group option.

Q5. How to import personnel from the CPIS?

A: You can easily send employees via the CPIS by logging into PaySys and clicking on Select personnel file. In this option, you need to click on the CPIS Bulk Data Import option to find the worker.

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